Useful Information

You can get to Sifnos island by boat from Piraeus port, Athens. There is also a boat connecting the island to the neighboring islands of Milos, Serifos, as well as to Santorini and Mykonos. There are connections every day and the traveling time varies between 2 to 5 hours depending on the type of boat.

– Piraeus to Sifnos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 14:50

– Sifnos to Piraeus every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 14:00

Be aware that these schedules might not appear on official travel websites but they are a reality.

Ferry Schedules & Tickets

For the updated bus timetable, please click on the following link:


Driver Phone numbers (landline, mobile)
Anapliotis (+30) 2284031656 – (+30) 6944696409
Gerontopoulos (+30) 2284031626 – (+30) 6944444904
Depastas (+30) 2284031295 – (+30) 6932403485
Diaremes (+30) 2284031719 – (+30) 6944642680
Kalogirou (+30) 2284031661 – (+30) 6944742652
Karavis (+30) 2284031173 – (+30) 6944936111
Komis (+30) 2284031777 – (+30) 6944761210
Koulouris (+30) 2284031473 – (+30) 6973209720
Mytilinaios  (+30) 2284031216
Chryssogelos (+30) 6944900972
  • Municipality of Sifnos: (+30) 2284360300
  • Emergencies Center: (+30) 2284031315
  • Pharmacies: Apollonia (+30) 2284033033, (+30) 2284033541
  • Police: (+30) 2284031210 alternatively you can call “100”
  • Port authorities: (+30) 22840 33617
Incidents with wildlife are relatively rare in Sifnos. The only dangerous species that you might encounter are vipers. The vipers are endangered species and are protected in Sifnos. In spring, summer and fall, you should be careful while walking. In case you encounter a snake, stay calm and take a long detour around it to continue. You should absolutely not try to scare it. In case you get bitten, stay as calm as possible and, with someone’s help, go directly to the medical center. It is strongly advisable that you never walk alone!
In Sifnos, you can hike all year round. Spring and Autumn are considered to be the best seasons to hike due to the mild temperatures and the vivid colours of the land and vegetation. In winter it is also possible to hike, but you should expect a few showers, strong and cold winds and muddy trails. In summer (July, August) it is too hot to walk. However, if you try it, avoid walking between 12pm to 4pm.
Hiking boots, hat, sunscreen, long trousers, walking poles are considered essential. It is also advisable not to walk alone and to always keep with you a first aid kit. A torch, and a well charged mobile phone are also advisable.

You can buy excellent hiking maps on Sifnos that show accurately all hiking trails. For the large signs presenting the network of Sifnos, we used the map of Anavasi Editions (edition 2015).

  • Take only memories, leave only footprints! Ants and other insects or animals have not yet discovered how to consume plastic. Take all rubbish back with you.
  • Don’t start a fire if you feel cold! Try to walk faster!
  • Smoking on the trail will not help in anything! Nor you, nor the risk of fire!
  • Local people are not a tourist sight! If you want to take a picture, kindly ask. They will certainly smile to you!
  • If you find a door on the trail, pass freely, and leave it as you found it!
  • Stay on the trail. There is a reason why for many centuries people chose to walk on them and not elsewhere!